Free Online MBA.

Free Online MBA
Free Online MBA

Free Online MBA.

Welcome to 24×7.MBA!!! — MBA round the clock – Free Online MBA.

I am Navin Dhanuka, the founder of 24× I have started this project as a learning & an educational corner for anyone & everyone interested in pursuing any form of business education.

24× is going to be one stop center for all forms of under graduate or post graduate Business Studies. I intend to provide ** free online MBA ** to anyone interested in pursuing business studies.

I won’t be giving you any certification or degree, but I will give you enough knowledge and learning power to apply the learnings in your life and career. Today a decent MBA course costs a lot and hence many a graduates cannot pursue it. Plus it wastes time of 2 years of academic activities which could have been 2 years of work experience in the industry.

I have shortlisted more than 500 different learning streams for this project. I have collated the syllabus of business studies from the best corners of the educational world i.e. from the Ivy League of USA to Ivy League of India. 

The modes of education is different in different places. In India people study according to college syllabus and in foreign countries students learn as on the basis of books and research. I will be first rolling out learning modules based on the books and research reports and in the future in the form of WordPress LCMS – Sensei. The LCMS option will help me teach better and also help me give more indepth knowledge.

At first I wanted to make Whiteboard Animation Videos for each of the knowledge streams, but now have settled for SlideShares & Keynote Animation YouTube Videos.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. In any case you want to talk to me you can send an email at or call me at +91-9987752076.

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